The Banner Studios LLC  offers professional lessons, training sessions, after school activities and creative "playcare" at affordable prices. Our prices are low, our quality is high, and our standards are even higher. Whether our students are beginners, seasoned performers, or just looking to have some fun we have the experience and expertise to educate, encourage, and showcase our students.

We offer our services at the lowest possible price because we believe that creativity can lead to a better future. Our experienced and trained staff members want everyone to feel creative, confident, challenged, and encouraged when they come to visit us. We  offer sibling discounts and the Tuition Waivers for Youth program to encourage the involvement of our students, regardless of their financial situations. These financial options are made possible by the active participation in our fundraisers and the support of our community. 

Thank you! 

Coming Soon! Summer Camp 2019

Ages 5-12 will be camping, hiking, gardening, crafting, dancing, singing, and performing in an incredible production of We Has Jazz! 

We can't wait for that Idaho sunshine! 

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Fill out our contact form to sign up for the summer! Registration forms will be sent via email or can be picked up at our location. 

Adding our custom sprung dance floor has provided extra protection for our students and performers. These high density foam blocks beneath sanded wood provide the support and bounce needed to protect our students from harsh impact while dancing. The Adagio overlay is well known in the world of performance to be versatile and suitable for various areas of dance and performance. 

Meanwhile, our studio mirrors have been professionally cut and installed with a safety backing, and professional quality tumbling mats  atop our shock absorbing horse mat flooring, gives our students the best and safest experience possible. 

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